Sinus Motor Concept AS

Sinus Motor Concept AS (SMC) is a Norwegian company with the objective to manage the patent rights for the Sinus Engine Principle by R&D activities in order to commercialize and license the concept.


SMC has not only proved that the Sinus Engine Principle does function in reality; it has also demonstrated its exciting performance that presents many advantages in comparison to conventional two- and four-stroke diesel and gasoline engines. SMC has convinced the participants that the Sinus Engine Principle will become the concept of the 21st Century’s combustion engines.

Test results from a first small prototype provide evidence of great development possibilities within the entire range of combustion engines, from small engines for the leisure market to high performance medium speed engines for the industrial and marine market.


The total market for marine and industrial engines, in which the company concentrates its efforts to penetrate, exceeds an annual turnover of 15 billion USD, excluded after-sale services.


The main objective of the company is to build a new prototype 2000/27 based on the previous lab-model (296) within the year of 2003.


As per today, the company has succeeded in funding its running expenses and R&D activities.


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