Prototype 2000/20

Sinus Motor Concept AS has designed a new prototype based on the old design prototype 2000/27. Old design



Prototype 2000/27

Sinus Motor Concept AS has designed a new prototype based on the old prototype 296. Prototype 2000/27



Test no. 3

The tests at MARINTEK were achieved in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2001. A final test report was delivered in the 3rd quarter of 2001.

October 2001 the board of directors decided to establish a technical group, who had to do new simulations and calculations, to amend the prototype 296.



Test no. 2

In April 2000, the engine was ready for second testing at MARINTEK. Testing finished with a  report was on May 2000. Based on the results from previous tests, SMC amended Sinus 296/1 during the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2000. 



Test no. 1

On July 27 1999, the engine was pretested in Luksefjell Norway. Later in July 1999, the engine was ready for first testing at MARINTEK. Testing finished with a temporary report was on August 25-1999. 



Making The Engine 296



Sinus Motor 296

Based on drawings and descriptions of a specific engine, MARINTEK made a short evaluation of the Sinus Concept. This evaluation was mainly limited to the thermodynamic process.

The reports from MARINTEK indicated that the engine had a number of new and exciting possibilities that could not be achieved in an ordinary two-stroke diesel engine. Although being completely different from today’s diesel engines, the SMC combines well-known elements from internal combustion engines’ history.

In the fall of 1997, the company decided to build a second lab-model with more output power, increased efficiency and torque. The prototype was named SINUS 296. MARINTEK in Trondheim was chosen to carry out the testing of the prototype.




Relying on SINUS 195 for further development of the engine concept, the company SMC Sinus Motor Concept AS was founded in September 1996 with the purpose of building a full-scale engine and commercializing the concept.



SMC Engine Project History - Pilot Project Sinus 195 

In the winter of 1995, the inventor and designer, presented the concept to a small team of idealistic and enthusiastic people, and teamwork started on a small engine named SINUS 195.

The SMC engine is a uniflow scavenged two-stroke engine with opposed pistons and a central common combustion chamber. The concept is simple (no valves) and provides good scavenging efficiency.


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